I’m finding myself weighing the pros and cons of more and more opposing views to my own. Such as with our paper on inequality and its effect on the American dream. I’ve found that disparity isn’t often, if ever, put in a good light in our lessons. In fact, a lot of our discussion focuses on how the government can further intervene in people’s everyday lives in order to close the income disparity gap. All of this talk is very distant from my own beliefs, that the government should stick to policy implementation, war, and incentivising private businesses to carry out necessary functions for our country. However, it has been eye opening and extremely informative learning from the other side of the debate. I just wish there were more people with my opinions to increase variety of discussion.
As far as enforcing my own values, it is easier for me to justify my beliefs when I have a strong understanding of the opposing side. I know not just what I agree with, but what I’m effectively disagreeing with as well.

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