Discussion of Utilitarianism is making me question if the ends justify the means economically. I have always thought a lot about philosophical ideas on my own but never did much research, therefor i knew little about utilitarianism and I am glad to have the opportunity to discuss it in class.

Kantian Ethics, something I learned about through this class, primarily my own readings. Kantianism stresses that every human has inherent value supported by the fact that humans give things value. As opposed to utilitarianism, this theory suggests that each action made should be made along moral guidelines. The ends do not justify the means if it hurts someone in the process, regardless of the resulting benefit.

Economists are generally utilitarians because that is the most efficient way of doing things. Politicians on the other hand have to appease their constituents moral views and therefore these two groups are often at odds.

I’m not overly swayed by other viewpoint personally, I believe they can both both applied depending on severity of the situation. For smaller scale instances, I believe the morally right thing should be done even when it makes things more difficult. However on a larger scale such as economic policy, it is understandable to me when corners are cut to save time or money,

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