Freshman Seminar


I’m finding myself weighing the pros and cons of more and more opposing views to my own. Such as with our paper on inequality and its effect on the American dream. I’ve found that disparity isn’t often, if ever, put in a good light in our lessons. In fact, a […]


As we continue to read The Great Divergence, I’m learning more about the causes of inequality and which seem to be most at fault. Many argue that Immigration is a factor in the rise in income disparity. Illegal or not, foreigners tend to come to this country with little money […]


New York Times released an article covering a report from Standard & Poor, an economic advising firm for Wall Street investors and their likes. The content declared that inequality actually hurts economic growth, bad news for the rich investors who rely on S&P’s information to make informed decisions in their […]


We are talking about basic economic theory, such as supply and demand. Having gone through Micro and Macro economics previously it was a bit of a review as we discussed different factors affecting the demand and supply for a particular product. This segwayed into the prompt for our current paper, […]


Our first paper is on Inequality and the Absolute Standard of Living. We must define the two standards and gauge which is more important. I gave plenty of background and supporting evidence to them both and ultimately chose the Absolute Standard as society current viewpoint, however I did this to […]


Discussion of Utilitarianism is making me question if the ends justify the means economically. I have always thought a lot about philosophical ideas on my own but never did much research, therefor i knew little about utilitarianism and I am glad to have the opportunity to discuss it in class. […]


Recently we have been discussing Thomas Picketty: Captial in the 21st Century. A French Economist, his work was adapted into English and quickly became a bestseller in the U.S. His theories are new and the evidence he gathered remarkable. Picketty looked as far back as the 18th century and recorded […]