Intro to Econ Analysis

Last Blog Post of the Semester #10

Finally done with the semester….. I was stressed all month but am finally catching up in my work. I just had a writing and speaking center appointment for my paper and good relatively good reviews. I am going to email professor Greenlaw about some specific requirements on using pronouns, footnotes, […]

Peer Review

I just got my peer review back on my research proposal. Seems my class mates are equally concerned that my paper covers to broad of an area for an intro class. I really need to figure out a more concise hypothesis for my presentation, on that now.

Research Proposal

Uhhhhh Okay so I am writing my research proposal. The format is alright, but I’m realizing I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Professor Greenlaw keeps talking about how this paper is more about learning the process than producing results. I’m starting to think I should just focus […]

Data Appendix

Found some data, not enough for sure but at least they are all reliable. They’re from government websites and there are lots of them. I realized that I had two equations which is daunting. One is to determine that divesting hurts their cause, the other is an alternative to helping the […]

Theoretical Model

I have come up with the main theories that I would like to use to support my hypothesis. Included are: cost-of-production theory of value This theory states that higher costs of inputs in production lead to higher costs in value of the good produced. theory of substitute goods theory of […]

Week Five

Writing the critical review for a paper on the Ontario Petroleum Industry. It’s interesting because it talks about  the effect of government policy, import tariffs, on the price level of domestic oil. This is important to my research as I propose that rising the import tariffs is a more efficient way […]

Week Three

Found some interesting information on the topic, a lot of it covering why divestment won’t work. Most of it is practical reasons and not fundamental ones. General consensus seems to not question that if every school were to successfully divest that it would be effective. I need to show that […]

Week Two

So I have come up with my hypothesis: Divestment actually hurts its goal of promoting sustainable energy by damaging the domestic energy industry and therefor reducing worldwide competition. Resultingly, we increase our dependence on cheap foreign oil, hurt our economy, and therefore stagnate sustainable energy growth. Lots of variables I need […]

Week one

Well I joined Intro to Economic Analysis a week late, already feeling behind. Was talking to my girlfriend about going to Power Shift, a group coming to UMW in the coming months, when I came up with my topic for this class. She told me about how a close friend […]