Less than Two Months Left…..

  In a matter of hours it is going to be October 1st, marking 2 full months in Chile, and now 7 weeks left. This is a bitter sweet medium, though maybe a tad more bitter for most. Everyone has adapted to life here and made good friends. Classes are […]

San Pedro de Atacama

I know I have been slacking a little on these blog posts, been pretty busy traveling Chile as of late. A group of roughly 25 exchange students and I flew up to Calama two weekends ago and spent 4 days exploring the driest desert in the world, the Atacama desert. […]


Much has happened since my last post…. where do I start? Well I bought a motorcycle in Santiago! After a lot of back and forth over the deal, I went back to Santiago one more time and bought a Honda Falcon 400. We sorted out the paperwork and I proudly […]

Approaching Week 3 Quickly

Time is flying, I can already tell 4 months is going breeze by. I’m having a ton of fun and making friends from every corner of the world. It’s really interesting talking to people from other countries and hearing their perspectives on world issues. Everyone asks about Donald Trump and […]

First day in Chile

I’ve been traveling for just under 20 hours from D.C. to Santiago, with a layover in Houston. I met a couple girls going to the same school on the flight which seemed to be packed with students. No one sat next to me and I awkwardly slept in a fetal […]