Day 18

Day 18: Today we crossed the border, maybe 300 meters from where we slept. Regardless of leaving at 8am, we didn’t actually manage getting across until 12. First I had to wait for a bank to open at 9 to get cash out so I could pay the $160 Visa […]

Days 16 & 17

Days 16: In Ollantambo near Machu Picchu, I was hoping to make it to Puno that same day. Cusco was 2 hours south, then Puno another 6 hours. Taking a paved road back to Cusco, I was there by 9am and I loaded my bike up with the luggage I […]

Day 15

Day 15: Big day today, not only is this the middle of my 30 days trip, but I also made it to the pinnacle of it all, Machu Picchu. The farthest (and highest) point from where I started, everything from this point forwards is heading back to where I came, […]

Days 13 & 14

  I only have more reason to follow through with this now, so let’s recap my past few days. Day 13 I was in Chivay, Peru, checking out the famed Colca Canyon on the way to Cusco. I should probably note that I didn’t end up going to Ica like […]

Days 8 – 10

Covering 3 days, I’ll keep this post as short as I can. Also, sorry for the shortage of pictures, haven’t been feeling well enough to bother. I promise to make up for it going forwards haha Day 8: In Arica on the border of Chile and Peru, I was recommended […]

Days 6 & 7

Day 6: I woke up later than I would have liked, around 10am. I blame this on my rather poor sleep camping the night before, but honestly I just like to sleep in when I have the chance. Having missed my free breakfast, I went to the front desk to […]

Day 4

Day 4 (Click to expand) Today started off as well as it could. I woke up early, was greeted by breakfast in bed, and all of my belongings were still in tact. Confident in my ability to make it to my next destination in time, Antofagasta, I took leisure in […]

Days 2 & 3

  Day 2 was mostly boring, I went out to a French café with the girls for breakfast but ended up going back to the place I was staying to get my school work done. That night though we went out to the beach to watch the sunset and I […]


November 7th, I set out for Buenos Aires, Argentina for 10 days. I had planned this trip a week in advance, probably spent more money on flights than I had too and ended up going alone because nobody had enough notice. Regardless, hands down the best 10 days of my […]