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Days 16 & 17

Days 16: In Ollantambo near Machu Picchu, I was hoping to make it to Puno that same day. Cusco was 2 hours south, then Puno another 6 hours. Taking a paved road back to Cusco, I was there by 9am and I loaded my bike up with the luggage I […]

Day 15

Day 15: Big day today, not only is this the middle of my 30 days trip, but I also made it to the pinnacle of it all, Machu Picchu. The farthest (and highest) point from where I started, everything from this point forwards is heading back to where I came, […]

Days 11 & 12

$2,010 raised! Not going to lie, this is going better than expected. Thank you so much everyone, nothing better than seeing people embrace the gift of giving over Christmas season. Days 11 & 12 Day 11: After packing up all my stuff, I went to go find a mechanic for […]

Day 5

Day 5   All night I rolled around and woke up at odd hours. I should have bought a sleeping mat, camping on hard rock isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. By the time my alarm went off at 6am, I had just fallen into a deep sleep. No […]

Day 4

Day 4 (Click to expand) Today started off as well as it could. I woke up early, was greeted by breakfast in bed, and all of my belongings were still in tact. Confident in my ability to make it to my next destination in time, Antofagasta, I took leisure in […]

Week Three

Found some interesting information on the topic, a lot of it covering why divestment won’t work. Most of it is practical reasons and not fundamental ones. General consensus seems to not question that if every school were to successfully divest that it would be effective. I need to show that […]