Monthly Archives: November 2015

Day 5

Day 5   All night I rolled around and woke up at odd hours. I should have bought a sleeping mat, camping on hard rock isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. By the time my alarm went off at 6am, I had just fallen into a deep sleep. No […]

Day 4

Day 4 (Click to expand) Today started off as well as it could. I woke up early, was greeted by breakfast in bed, and all of my belongings were still in tact. Confident in my ability to make it to my next destination in time, Antofagasta, I took leisure in […]

Days 2 & 3

  Day 2 was mostly boring, I went out to a French cafĂ© with the girls for breakfast but ended up going back to the place I was staying to get my school work done. That night though we went out to the beach to watch the sunset and I […]