Monthly Archives: March 2015

Peer Review

I just got my peer review back on my research proposal. Seems my class mates are equally concerned that my paper covers to broad of an area for an intro class. I really need to figure out a more concise hypothesis for my presentation, on that now.

Research Proposal

Uhhhhh Okay so I am writing my research proposal. The format is alright, but I’m realizing I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Professor Greenlaw keeps talking about how this paper is more aboutĀ learning the process than producing results. I’m starting to think I should just focus […]

Data Appendix

Found some data, not enough for sure but at least they are all reliable. They’reĀ from government websites and there are lots of them. I realized that I had two equations which is daunting. One is to determine that divesting hurts their cause, the other is an alternative to helping the […]

Theoretical Model

I have come up with the main theories that I would like to use to support my hypothesis. Included are: cost-of-production theory of value This theory states that higher costs of inputs in production lead to higher costs in value of the good produced. theory of substitute goods theory of […]